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More Bonneville Stories
By Lou Fischer

Andy Sills earns both FIM records in the naturally aspirated 1000cc class and two of the four possible AMA records for the naturally aspirated 1000cc class. Sills ran 218.736 mph for an FIM record and 189.862 mph for the FIM “naked” record and 217.429 mph for the AMA fuel record. Erin clocked 207.996 mph for a third AMA record.

Erin Sills from Motorcycle Missions on Vimeo.

Motorcycle Missions
By Dalton Campbell and Krystal Hess

In 2015 Erin lost her husband on a motorcycle and continues to ride and race in his loving memory. Erin will tell you, motorcycles have been her medicine for healing and are what help her stay focused despite the pressures and demands of life. She also finds hope and encouragement in the presence of the amazing people who share her love for motorcycles.

Bonneville Stories
by Lou Fischer

Erin Sills was named American Motorcyclist Association (AMA) Female Rider of the Year in 2014 and is a frequent speaker on behalf of women in the industry.

Erin is most proud, however, of her work as an ambassador for the sport of Landspeed Racing, and in particular her role in encouraging women to discover the sport. Erin is the founder of the sheEmoto Award which she bestows on the female LSR racer who best embodies what it means to participate.