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People aren’t recruited to Landspeed Racing … They are called to it.

Ours is a extreme sport, meant for passionate like-minded people with complementary skills who excel together under the most challenging conditions.


Gary Orr

Team Manager

A long-time road racer in the Mid Atlantic and Great Lakes regions, Gary is also the dealer principle of San Diego BMW Motorcycles.  Gary is an accomplished long distance motorcycle rider as well, having earned numerous “Iron Butt” certificates for his trips across the country.


Shane Kinderis

Engine Builder

Widely considered one of the best motor tuners in the World, Shane has led many successful Superbike Teams in the Australian Superbike Championships and American Superbike Championships.

Curtice Thom

Lead Mechanic

Prior to joining Hunter Sills Racing, Curtice served as lead mechanic for   the Graves Yamaha superbike team and lead service mechanic at San Diego BMW Motorcycles.


Erin Sills

Team Owner and Rider

After 30 years in corporate marketing and advertising, Erin hung up her business attire in 2016 to focus full-time on riding and racing. Erin is also an avid sport-touring rider and off-road adventure motorcycle coach for BMW RawHyde Adventures.


Trev Richter


Trev has been on two wheels most of his life – from freestyle BMX bicycles to sport bikes to adventure motorcycles. With this 2-wheel history and a passion for the outdoors, Trev became an adventure riding coach in 2012. Combining his dirt skills with a strong need-for-speed, Trev became the perfect pilot for the World’s Fastest GS.

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