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World’s Fastest Production Motorcycle

BMW S 1000 RR

With a top speed (so far) of 219.3 MPH / 352 KPH, our 2012 1000cc BMW is currently the World’s fastest production motorcycle. The “Production” class offers very little option for modification of the bike, making it one of the most competitive categories and sought-after titles in landpseed racing.

World’s Fastest GS

Race For Relief

The team has partnered with The Ride of My Life and RawHyde Adventures to build and race a 2016 BMW GS 1200 to benefit The Motorcycle Relief Project. MRP uses motorcycle tours as a means to provide relief for veterans suffering from PTSD. We will campaign the World’s Fastest GS in land speed racing as well as off-road adventure touring.

World’s Fastest 100cc Motorcycle Streamliner

Nebulous Theorem

In 2003, Andy and Erin worked with Jack Costella to develop a radically- designed vehicle in which the rider races prone, their nose ½” from ground.  With Erin as Crew Chief, Andy raced to 141 mph, breaking a 25-year-old record. With Andy’s help, Erin later set a new mark at 143 mph with only an 80cc motor.  This earned Erin FIM and AMA records and her first Guinness Record.

Just For Fun

Motorcycling is an extreme sport – but it has its light moments too.  From “racing” Charlie Boorman on the Bonneville Salt Flats, to riding 132 MPH 3-up with Russ Malvin, to the Guinness World Record “Fastest Tandem” ride and sliding sideways in the dirt … we enjoy having some fun in riding and racing!

What Else We Ride

From the 100cc motorcycle streamliner “Nebulous Theorem” and the 1995 Buell Thunderbolt, to the sleek BMW HP2 Sport and BMW 1200 GS, we ride and race them all!